living local amid luxury

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There exists an experience of Kerrisdale available only to those with a home at its heart.

One of Vancouver’s oldest and most distinguished neighbourhoods, Kerrisdale’s intimate and understated affluence is unmatched within the city. When it waits outside your door, there is a new way to live.

Its indulges become part of your every day. You wander to the bookstore on a whim, linger at the flower shop without worry, stroll 41st at sunset, and buy artisan bread before breakfast. Upscale yet personal—you know the shopkeepers by name and bump into friends on the street.

It’s a lifestyle that evades common categories. It’s living local yet amid luxury—high-fashion to patisseries, gourmet cheeses to European décor, every experience painted with a storybook beauty. Simple. Pure. Walkable. Livable. Kerrisdale.